"Find out all the beautiful things in the world !" With such a recommendation of her mother, Yuki set on a voyage to Europe and the United States. It was in 1962, just after the presentation of her mother Kimiko's collection in which Yuki showed several creations of her own.
During this long trip around the world, it was Paris that appealed the most to Yuki. Paris exerted the same spell on her as well as a few years ago on her mother. Any way, that's what Kmiko expected for her daughter.
"I have travelled all around the the world. But I don't know why I need always come back to Paris. The atmosphere of this city suits me perfectly", says Yuki. Kimiko started then looking for a future partner in Paris as she wanted Yuki to make her début in Paris as a designer.
It was in 1973, twelve years after Kimiko's first trip to Paris, that she met a fascinating personality, Jean-Jacques PICART, the person you must see in the fashion world. Thus, with him as a partner, Yuki's career started in Paris, as well as a long love story with this magic city.
(Translation from Japanese to English : Shizuho Watanabe)



Her mother, Kimiko, was born in 1919. When she was very young, following her mother's idea, she started studying piano and singing. Kimiko's mother, (Yuki's grandmother), was a person well versed in arts. She was generous, liberal and quick to decide. She disliked the work demanding perseverance. On the contrary, Kimiko, Yuki's mother, was a person of careful character.
After the second world war , they opened a dress making shop that became later TORII CO. Kimiko was very active and had strong willing. She decided to study designing and entered the BUNKA GAKUIN to become a fashion designer. After graduation, she developed her talent as a brilliant professional designer as well as a remarkable business woman. Their commerce prospered.
" To open a shop, it should be only at Ginza, the most chic district of Tokyo. "This declaration of Grandmother had a decisive power. In 1950, Kimiko realized the project.
A few years later in 1955, an event happened that definitely changed her life. It was the first presentation of Christian Dior's fashion at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Kimiko was strongly impressed by elegance, beauty and refinement of his style and by the material he used. At that time, Japan was recovering from the war devastation. Then Kimiko made two vows. She sworn to herself to go to France and to prepare Yuki's future as a designer. She abandoned her own ambition so as to devote herself to the education of her daughter. Her dream was to see her daughter becoming a successful designer on the international scene. Several years later her dream came true.
Determined and capable of deploying all the necessary efforts , Kimiko successfully attained her target.
Her visit to France, every time made her so happy that she came back to Japan looking regenerated. Her love for Paris was so strong that one day she came back home wearing a ribbon tied on her hairs like Coco Chanel did. The warm friendly relations she had with her friends in France were the source of happiness. She loved so much the elegance and the esprit , à la franaçse. Naturally Yuki inherited from her mother a love for Paris.

(Translation from Japanese to English : Shizuho Watanabe)



It was in 1975, two years after she met Jean-Jacque PICART that Yuki presented her first collection in Paris. The collection, rather small, consisted of about 30 models. The fashion show took place in a Japanese restaurant. The items shown were inspired from the KIMONO.
Her original prints were a bold and modern interpretation of the traditional Kimono designs such as graphic signs "KASURI" , or flowers. The journalists found Yuki's collection fascinating.
They appreciated it and praised highly the new comer in their columns.
When asked to give her impression about her début in Paris, she answers that she was particularly calm and serene, as she was firmly determined to work a long time in PARIS.
In 1976, the French magazine ELLE wrote under the title "What a personality !" Yuki won successfully within only 2 years a reputation with charm, talent and strong willing.
So many artists come to Paris to seek for recognition. And yet mostly they stay unknown. The artistic level is high and the competition quite severe, it is extremely difficult for an artist to emerge from the mass and to remain outstanding.
Yuki has always the same conviction : never create clothes that she herself can not wear.
"Paris is the place where I can confront with myself. Presenting there my collection helps me to find myself. I have never had a slightest desire to stop. Working is a great pleasure", she says.
She wishes to continue progressing, as light heartedly as 30 years ago
(Translation from Japanese to English : Shizuho Watanabe)